Go Croatia

These days the same as the most people on the planet I am watching Worlds championship in football. As I am Croatian and we are in semifinal after two very exciting games I have many reasons to be happy.

Every time Croatia score I am jumping off my sofa like crazy. My cat got nervous break down last night as I celebrated after Rakitić penalty.

They say that people with schizophrenia a flat in emotional sphere. It is not case with me. I manage to preserve my emotional part and with this championship my heart is full of joy.

In two days I am going on vacation. I will watch there the semi-final. Keeping fingers crossed that Croatia will win.

Big applause for the Croatian president Kolinda Grabar Kitanović. She is great football fan. Go Kolinda! Go Croatia!

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Week on

My working week has started on Wednesday. Although I have worked only for three days upcoming weekend is blessing for me. I am going to see my mum who lives part of the year in the little village near beautiful river Kupa. I have realized all over again that I spend more than are my monthly regular income and that I need some extra work. I have so many different experiences that finding job is not a problem. Getting paid is bigger problem in Croatia. So tomorrow morning I will make a video application for a teaching position. Maybe it will work out for me.

We have had one more show with our acting group. Also I went to see a great comedian twice in the last couple of months and I have realized maybe stand up comedy is something that I should try.

I have to admit although I worked a lot in the last couple of months, after a long holiday of nearly three weeks I feel as good as new. Recently I have stopped thinking as I am an ill person. I admit that I have disability but I have realized that this is not an excuse to live fully and happily.

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Yesterday was a good day. I performed with my group and the play was pretty awesome. My cousin has come with her children and later we all have ice cream together. It was fun. I might have found new job that is teaching English. If I succeed and I believe that I will.

I have overslept this morning but I am glad about it. Even my cat knew that I needed some sleep and did not disturb me.

This days I feel accepted and needed. Boss from the old place wants be back but I am not sure about it. Money is ok but what I really need is some time off. In two weeks I am going to seashore again. I am looking forward to it.

I am going to help my friend to get her tablet back and I need to protest. I am quite good about it.

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I have quitted my job and I was on holidays for a week. The Adriatic sea is beautiful and along with swimming I have walked every day for at least 6-7 km. I came back full of energy and full of ideas what to do. One thought was to go back to the job I have quitted, the others is to do something new. I have watched the job ads mor closely and I have found some interesting position.

My mother has different idea. She thinks when i will go on holiday in two weeks to find a season work at the coast. She emphasises how good swimming is for me. She has a point but I would rather have something part-time in the inland.

All my math students has passed and I am very happy about it. I will have probably have one more who has to graduate in couple of days. For the autumn I plan to prepare some stand up comedy act where the topic to laugh about would be craziness.

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Life without job

In a week I m quitting my job because it became to hard for me. I will work but something less demanding and fewer hours, Firstly I will go to the sea-shore to get some rest. I really need it.

The health is li la. Some night I have insomnia, some I don’t. I am exhausted and I neglected my garden. I neglected my education. Pills have helped me in having peaceful 12 years but I want a different life. I want something to enjoy myself. There are many job opportunities this day and I will find something to work.

The only principle I used is to go day at the time. Even my plans are quite limited only week in advance or maybe fortnight.

Typing soon.



Blood pressure

I have never had problem with blood pressure but it seems that I have now. Things are changing and my body is sending me another signals.

I am going to seashore in ten day and maybe the quality vacation will help me. Cherry are calling me in the garden. Time to relax and stop thinking.

Typing soon.

On and off

The birthday was wonderful. Later I was so tired that I went to bed around 9.30 PM and now at 5 A.M. I am on my feet.

I have forgotten about everything The only thing that matters was company of the close people, good food and chocolate cake. And sparkling water.

One part of my life are coming to an end and the other is beginning. I am quitting current job but I am positive about the future one. I have worked a lot in a last six months and now is time for a break and finding something that is going to fulfill me.

Typing soon.